Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Ethel, the Worst Wife in the World

Look at this picture. This is Ethel. She has the Guinness record, for the worst wife in the world.

She drinks, she smokes, she tokes.
The house is a mess, the kids are a mess.
She spends money like a drunken sailor.
She sleeps around.
She even hits her husband.

It’s official, Ethel is the Worst Wife in the World. She’s Number One.

So let me say two things about Ethel.

1. Even Ethel, the Worst Wife in the World, doesn’t deserve to get hit. No woman deserves to get hit. Hitting someone – even a stranger, let alone the woman you say you love – is a crime. It is not a private matter between husband and wife, it is a crime. No woman deserves to get hit.

2. You, dear reader, are not Ethel. No matter how lowdown your husband tells you you are, no matter how lowdown you think you are, you’re not Ethel. There’s no way in the world he can beat you over and over, without persuading you that you deserve it. Persuading you that you’re Ethel. But you’re not.


edward church said...

I know I would never hit a women no matter what I think. in all even what happen to me I had tog et a divorce because who iwas married with and had kids by. does not deserve to be hit. I know one case that happen to my sister.

Xiang said...

Howdy, Ed, welcome aboard! Surprising how many men don't get that message -- there is just no excuse for the hitting.

Xiang said...

By the way, Xiang = Henry.