Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marriage, the most dangerous profession

Being a cop is dangerous, right? In 2010, 59 of them were shot to death in America.

And firefighters? In 2010, 72 died in the line of duty.

Fishermen, the most dangerous profession, 200 deaths per year.

48 coal miners died in 2010, most of them in a single accident in West Virginia.

Iraq war, about 600 fatalities per year. Afghanistan, about 200 a year.

…And for domestic violence deaths, more than a thousand a year.

It is more dangerous to be in your house with your husband or boyfriend, than to be a cop, a fireman, a fisherman, a miner, a soldier. Which is why the national attitude regarding domestic violence needs to change. Not only does it kill more than a thousand a year -- ten thousand women are beaten every day.

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