Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another organization to watch: the "Fatherhood" Coalition

The Fatherhood Coalition is another hard-core group of abuse-deniers. The group claims that the top social problem in America is fatherlessness, that fathers must always get joint custody, that women who even claim abuse should lose custody of their children, that women are out there constantly hitting men and that that is what causes men to hit women, that VAWA is bad, and that child support should be stopped.

To give you an idea of the caliber of their leaders and members, one of its leaders created a spectacle of himself in front of a courthouse this summer. This individual, Tom Ball, admitted that he had been busted for beating his daughter and jailed for not paying child support. He then failed in his efforts to sue the police, refused to attend court-ordered counseling, filed complaints against the prosecutor’s office, and sued Family Services (he acted as his own attorney). Next, he sent out a semi-literate 19-page rant, referring to Man as “king of his castle”, comparing his plight to that of a Jew in Germany, ranting about the oppression and cover-ups of the federal government, claiming that domestic violence arrests caused homelessness for 72 million Americans, insisting that domestic violence advocates bribe judges with wine and women, claiming that domestic violence laws cause pedophilia, and asserting that the time has come to burn down police stations and courthouses. He helpfully provided details for how such arson attacks were to be carried out. And then he went to the courthouse himself, poured gasoline on himself, and set himself on fire.

Thus, the “leader” of the fatherhood coalition. The hardy foe of fatherlessness left his three children…fatherless.

According to the (surviving) leaders of this fatherhood movement, this guy is a hero. It is people like renowned domestic-violence specialist Lundy Bancroft who are the real enemy.

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